Moon Phases Part 1

Time to read: approx. 3-4 minutes.

Are you curious about the phases of the moon and solar events? 

With the full moon tonight the 23rd of April and some recent events, such as; a new moon on Monday the 8th of April and the Solar Eclipse event on the 8th as well, in the US, Canada and Mexico being the most visible, we are in for an interesting ride this year. 

Why are we so interested in moon phases and solar events in mystical practice?  

This is a very good question. I can’t answer for others, but for us, we are aligned to the phases of the moon because of the astrological events that occur as a part of spiritual practice. Our philosophy is aligned with the principles of Hermeticism. 

Hermetic practice includes understanding the 7 principles that underpin this philosophy and applying the knowledge. 

Moon phases and astrological events have an impact on ritual and ceremonial practice.  

Therefore, we work on the advantages that occur with moon phases. An example: When the moon is full, the veil is thin. We can access a lot of personal spiritual energy. It can enhance your ritual work and raises the probability of your intentions manifesting. 

The thing to remember is that spiritual work is not about wishing for something and voila! it rocks up. This is one of the many traps people fall into with any manifestation work. 

There are no quick formulas that work for every single person and if you get fooled into thinking that there is a quick fix, you’ll be disappointed at some point in your life.

Moon phases assist with different types of activities. There are 8 moon phases that we take notice of in magickal practice.  

  • 1st is the Dark (New) Moon - This is a good time to conduct rituals for inward reflection, contemplation and devotion to your chosen spirit energies. Rituals to break hexes or curses are good at this time and a great time to let go of anger, guilt and emotions that no longer serve your highest good. It is a good time to let the past go and reinvigorate yourself into the future. Some people can feel a little tired around this time. The moon is barely visible, which is why it’s called the Dark moon. 
  • 2nd phase is Waxing Crescent - just following the new moon, we have a waxing crescent. This is a time for setting your intentions and aspirations, an expansion from the new moon. Fresh energy. 
  • 3rd phase is First Quarter Moon - this is when you notice challenges and obstacles coming to show themselves. This is even more challenging throughout planetary retrogrades. We usually have multiple retrogrades every year and some happen in unison. Another journal to explain these. 
  • 4th phase is Waxing Gibbous - this is a time for self- reflection, working through your responses to challenges and discovering more about your internal plane. This is a good time to review your goals and plan towards achieving them. 
  • 5th phase is the Full Moon - as mentioned above, enhances all ritual work, if it’s a super moon better be specific with what you wish for, especially a Harvest Moon. This is a good time to work on rituals to destroy your own illusions.
  • 6th phase is the Waning Gibbous - similar to the waxing gibbous, this is internal reflection time, looking at intentions and find a way to show gratitude for the blessings in your life. 
  • 7th phase is Last Quarter Moon - self cleansing, release negative habits, purge unhealthy rituals that you have. This is a cleansing time. 
  • 8th phase is the Waning Crescent - this is the time to apply self-care rituals, meditation, reconnect with your inner self, find ways to accept what has happened in the past month. Build resilience and trust. Rest. Reflect. Regenerate. 

Now, that you have a little more understanding about the moon phases, think about how you have noticed patterns in the months. Journals are such a great way to reflect and document your journey. Your inner journey is as important as your external life. Make the most of your personal time and get to know yourself.

What can you do to love yourself, accept yourself and have compassion for yourself? 

Working on yourself through the phases of the moon over 12 months gives you a sense of direction and purpose. 

So, what about Solar, Celestial and Retrograde events? That will be covered in Part 2 & 3, so look out for those journals coming soon. Tonight would be the perfect night to get your Ritual Kits out and start putting your intentions out for the rest of the year. 

Many blessings on your wonderful journey. Until next time stay well, stay strong and stay true to you.

The Malano Family xx 


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