Why Choose Malano?

We are a modern and contemporary, health and beauty company based in Tasmania, Australia.

Through a holistic approach, we hand manufacture superior, luxury organic products that enhance the quality of your skin, body, health & wellbeing and inspire your spaces.

Our products not only smell amazing but are good for your body, your home or business, and, the environment.

  • A tall, slim black bottle of Lemon Myrtle, Boronia and Nagamotha Interior Spray by Malano stands lightly lit against a grey concrete background, covered by a fine mist of liquid shimmering against the light.

    Lemon Myrtle, Boronia & Nagamotha

    The 7th and newest addition to our Interior Spray Collection; Lemon Myrtle, Boronia and Nagamotha is a beautiful and refreshing blend will uplift, rejuvenate and invigorate any space!

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  • L'Noir

    Provocative I Seductive I Alluring
    Ultra Exclusive Limited Edition, Handcrafted Tasmanian Parfum that will take you on a scent journey like never before.

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  • 3 Spray Bottles of Frankincense, Sage and Palo Santo interior spray by Malano, two standing and one on its side covered in drops of water are sitting in front of a circular black textured wooden board and softly lit against a black background. To the right side is a sprig of sage and to the left side, three sticks of Palo Santo with one lit and smoke wafting upwards.

    Frankincense, Sage & Palo Santo

    With just a spritz, this opulent and sophisticated Interior Spray will refresh and inspire peace and relaxation in any space.

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  • Cigar Eau de Parfum

    We are excited to announce that the first 6 scents in our Cigar Eau de Parfum Collection will soon be released in 50mL bottles!

    The first 6 scents include Rum, Smoke, Spice, Vert, Citrus and Rouge.

    The Cigar Eau de Parfum Sample Pack is avaiable online now. Find your favourite intime for the release of the 50mL bottles!

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3 Essential Oils to help with boosting productivity and clarity of mind by Malano sitting on in a dark space, lightly illuminated by a soft light and flanked by 2 meditating figurines

Need to Increase Clarity or Boost your Productivity?

These three essential oils and absolutes may be able to help you to gain clarity of mind, boost productivity, energise and help with everyday routines.

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Cosy Winter Essentials

Cosy, Warming and Sensual scents for embracing Winter, curated by our staff for the perfect Winter Collection.

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Beard Oil

Beard Oil

Handcrafted beard oils made to bring out the best of your charming,... 

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Product Highlight

Australian & Global Single Oils

Australian & Global Single Oils

100% Pure Ethically and Sustainably Sourced Animal Cruelty Free Fair Trade Australian... 



Our love of animals inspired us to create this uniquely handcrafted multipurpose... 

3 organic skincare swatches by Malano, one cream coloured, one yellow coloured and one grey coloured, softly illuminated against a dark background

Tasmanian Organic Seaweed Skincare

Combining a super premium synergistic blend of Tasmanian Organic Seaweed, exclusively Mekabu (Wakame) and Bladderwrack, as well as Australian Native Extracted Botanicals.

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Best Selling Skincare Products

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  • Ultra Soothe Cream by Malano

    Ultra Soothe

    “I love the Ultra soothe cream, it does exacrly that. Instantly soothes my achey joints 😊” - Tanya G.

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  • Ultra Repair Cream by Malano

    Ultra Repair

    “Great for eczema works like a treat. I have tried and tested a lot of products for my daughter from off the shelf to prescription. Will keep using this for sure” - Kristy

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    All of our products are ethically and sustainably manufactured and produced in Tasmania, Australia

  •  VEGAN

    All of our products contain raw ingredients that are certified cruelty free and vegan with no animal testing.


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