Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, please refer to the following below. 

If a question or concern that you have is not already answered below, please do not hesitate to get in-touch with us by emailing or by calling Maryka on (+61) 408 050 111. 


Product Information

Why is my product a different colour from the last time?

We use organic ingredients and they vary between batches. Because we do not use chemical stabilisers, you will notice that they vary from time to time.

Do you use preservatives?

Yes, we are required by law to use preservatives to provide a safe product for commercial purposes.

Do you use Chemicals in your products?

Yes, we do. Essential Oils are actually listed as a chemical by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) 

Not all chemicals are bad.  

For any further information or questions regarding chemicals, please reach out to us. You can also learn more about this on our ingredients page.  

Do you use synthetic fragrance?

Yes. We use a combination of non-toxic fragrance, essential oils, absolutes and botanical extracts. Our Frangrance oils are made by an Australian Chemist who does not use phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals or nitro musk's. We choose synthetic fragrance in some cases such as musk, because of the animal cruelty free aspect. Using pure musk is cruel to both the deer and civet cat. In some cases, we use synthetic ambergris instead of whale vomit, due to availability and costing.

Is the use of the term ‘natural’ just a gimmick?

No, because we purchase our ingredients which are derived from natural sources.

Once a natural ingredient is processed, it can no longer be called ‘natural’.

Are your products independently lab tested? 

Yes, our products are independently lab tested. We not only test ourselves using an ATP Reader where we test our work facilities and products, but we also use anaccredited lab in Queensland on a regular basis.

This ensures that you are purchasing and using products that are safe.

Are your products animal cruelty free?

We do not use any ingredients where there is a potential for harm to animals.  

We are always researching and obtaining ingredients, to the best of our knowledge, that are sustainable and have less negative impact on the planet.   

An example of this is we do not use snail secretion for skin care because it is actually cruel and harms the snail, even in domestic farms.  

Why is there a 12-month shelf life on skin care?

We put 12 months once opened on our skin care products due to the varied environment that people store their skin care. We advise that you keep your skin care in a dark, cool place. In hotter environments, keep your skin care products refrigerated.  

The ideal temperature range is 5-21oC. 

Are your oils all Tasmanian?

No. We can only source oils from one company who harvest and process essential oil. This is because in our Tasmanian climate, only so many species can be grown.

Why do your essential oils vary in price?

The prices of our essential oils are based on the cost that we incur when we purchase from a manufacturer. Essential oil prices vary depending on how much of the flower, resin or plant is required to make the oil.  

A good example of this is Rose Absolute. It takes around 240,000-250,000 rose petals to produce just 15mLs of Absolute.  

Why do you advise a caution when using Essential Oils?

We advise caution when using essential oils, because they contain volatile compounds from plants etc. and when we use essential oils, we use the correct dilution rates. 

Over use of essential oils can lead to acute toxicity.

We provide correct dilution rate with all of our products. These dilution rates can also be found in the Directions & Use descriptions on each oil or absolute product page.


Payment Information

What payment options are available?

We use a secure payment sysytem through a secure gateway which is processed via Shopify. We do not give accounts to wholesale customers.

For wholesale, we will provide an invoice via. Square.

Shipping and Collection

Collection, Shipping and Deliveries

Can I collect my order at your showroom?

Click and Collect can be picked up at site 84 Salamanca Market, Hobart on Saturdays and Hair By Masey Malano at 40 Upton Drive Honeywood, Tasmania.

Can I have my order Express Shipped?

Yes. Please call Maryka on 0408 050 111 to arrange.

How can I track my order?

All order tracking details are entered through the website and will be sent to you via email. As this is an automated process, you may want to check your spam/junk folders. Alternatively, you can track your order through the Australian Post website at

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Once an order is received and payment processed, we pack orders the following day.

During periods where there are peak orders including long weekends, public holidays, Easter and Christmas times, there may be short delays. This also may include online sales. Once your order has been lodged, the tracking details will be sent to you.

There are usually delays with some postal services due to logistics delays which unfortunately cannot be avoided.

Will I receive confirmation of my order?

Yes. However, this is automatically sent from the website. If you have not received a confirmation email, please check your junk/spam folders.

Who is responsible if my parcel goes missing?

Once your parcel has been lodged with Australia post, it is generally up to Australia Post to ensure safe delivery. However, unfortunately at times, parcels can go missing.  

If you have noticed that your parcel has been delayed, we cannot lodge an investigation within 10 business days. Once 5 days has passes, please make contact with Malano so that we can follow up with Australia Post. 

What should I do if I receive may package and an item is damaged or leaking?

Contact us as soon as possible, sending through a short video or photos/s. Please send to


International Shipping

Do you ship perfume internationally?

Unfortunately not at this stage. However, in 2023, this will become an option.

Do you ship other items internationally?

Yes. However, you may be required to pay Customs and Duties.

Each country varies on their customs and duties taxes, so please make enquiries within your own country.

How long will it take to receive my order?

There are multiple delays with International Shipping, so if you are purchasing items for a special occasion, we are not able to guarantee that orders will arrive on time.

Bulk / wholesale

Bulk Buys and Wholesale

Can I get a discount if I buy in bulk?

We do offer discounts for bulk items by negotiation.

Please contact us via email with your request at

I would like a wholesale account, is this possible?

Good News! Yes we do wholesale.

Please contact to discuss your needs.

Do you have an account for wholesale?

We do not give accounts to wholesale customers/businesses.

For wholesale, we will provide an invoice via. Square.

Refunds / Returns

Refunds, Returns and Product Guarantee

Can I get a refund for a change of mind on products?

No. Please refer to our Refund Policy for more details.

Do you guarantee your products will work?

We guarantee our ingredients, however, we do not guarantee that you will achieve your desired results due to your own body chemistry.

We are happy to discuss via phone consultation. Please call Maryka on 0408 050 111 if you have any questions or concerns.

further questions

Further Questions

Have a question that’s not covered here?

Please feel free to reach out.

Email or phone Maryka on 0408 050 111.