My Mystical Perspective

During the course of my life, I realised that people are living their lives without consciously understanding the world of emanations directly in connection with the unconscious.

Their understanding is that of meeting the needs of the physical, psychological and emotional self. There is nothing wrong with this. I just had a different understanding from a young age, it is a matter of perspective.

There are two paths:

  1. The journey from the world of emanations, whereby abstract concepts and the hidden potential lie. (It is attained by inner reflection and meditative practices.) We descend from spirit downwards onto the earthly plane of the material, actions and of conscious creation. From my perspective, the majority are on this path. It is the path of living daily life to meet our most basic living needs.
  2. The mystic's path is to look within, cognitively seeking to understand the corporeal plane and rise to our highest peaks through the path of awakening. We are always tempering our physical needs and purification of our spirit. It is a journey of understanding oneself. It is a path of many experiences; resilience, pain, joy, grief, helplessness, hope, blessings, despair, ecstasy, disappointment, but most of all love, grace & compassion.

The path of the mystic is not an easy one. You might say, “no-one has an easy life.” 

This is true and not true at the same time.

A mystic must take a good look at ourselves honestly and work through the undesirable aspects of our personality, our darkest moments and our shadow nature.

We cannot truly understand others if we don’t understand ourselves. If we are guided by the unifying force of Love, we are unstoppable; we are able to bring creation into reality. If we are driven by meanness and selfishness, creativity and unity can be destroyed.

Have you ever felt judged and criticised only to find that it makes you feel flat, non-expressive and afraid to create something beautiful? Nothing thrives in harsh and hateful environments.

Everything flourishes in the spirit of love and unity. You only have to look at what is happening on the planet now.

Fear, chaos, separation, judgement, division, abuse & violence vs compassion, grace, loyalty, love and community spirit. Mother Earth is responding to our collective efforts.

What if all of us took a good, long hard look in the mirror and asked ourselves, “how can I be more loving today, how can I be more compassionate today, how can I show more grace today, how can I be more benevolent today?”

With those questions in mind, if we all go through our day thinking about how we can make the world a better place, it starts with us asking important questions to ourselves and then taking those into the day. Imagine how different the world would be. It’s not that hard.

If we all realised that everything emanates from within, we would understand that we are the collective of the Divine. If we are the collective emanating from the Divine, then we all have the power to change how the world is going. We all have to do it. We are all responsible.

If we start out our day with compassion, love, grace and kindness, then we take it out into the world, and then we have the potential for great change.

Whatever we do in the spirit of love and heartfelt inspiration we excel with and whatever we do to meet our most fundamental daily living needs that lack this inspiration only yields results tied to egotism and materialism.

Our minds are generators - The mystic's path is a blessed one because we understand this concept. Things have more meaning when you experience them rather than being told about them.

The path of the Mystic is a glorious one through trials and tribulations; we become stronger.

It is not a path for everyone, you will find all of your weaknesses, and you will make them strengths. You will find all of your fears, and you will conquer them. You will discover that most fears are born in the mind.

Welcome to the path of the Mystic. May you find strength, courage, compassion, understanding, love and most of all yourself.

Many blessings

Maryka xx

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