What are Precious Oils?

Adding oils to your skincare routine can yield amazing results. Our Precious Oils Blend is a synergistic composition of Kalahari Oil, Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Camellia Seed Oil, Cacay Seed Oil, Saffron Oil, Seabuckthorn Seed Oil, Buriti Fruit Oil, Cucumber Seed Oil and contains a small amount of absolute Rose, Chamomile, Turmeric and Vanilla Oleoresin. Suitable for dry, damaged and normal skin. The blend is non-comedogenic and can be used for oily skin. However, we always suggest conducting a small test patch first. 

Why use precious oils? Well, the simplest answer is that we all could do with a little extra nourishment for our skin, right? Our precious oils have some amazing oils packed with phytonutrients that will enhance your complexion and overall skin health.

You are now thinking, “so why is it so good?” Good question.

Let’s explain a little bit more about the key ingredients:

  • Kalahari Oil - This is one of our hero ingredients, Wild Watermelon Seed Oil. Grown in South Africa on a family farm. All through the process, our suppliers harvest, cold press and filter with a cotton cloth, recycling & reusing all waste products on their farm. The family farm manages its own seed bank and produces everything themselves. The oil contains 70% essential fatty acids, has high oxidative stability, contains more tocopherols than other oils and is more commercially sustainable than any other oil on the planet. It is farmed without artificial fertilisers. What’s not to love, right? Kalahari oil absorbs into the skin quickly, repairs skin cells, is great for all skin issues, is great in combatting ageing skin, moisturises & smooths and can be used in shampoo and skincare. This plant can sustain drought conditions and has kept its economy alive.
  • Prickly Pear Seed Oil – Native to Mexico, this little beauty is also famous for surviving drought conditions. Are you seeing a theme here? The Mexicans call it a Miracle Plant.” The oil is pressed from black seeds within the fruit. It is great for our skin because it contains a good source of Linoleic Acid (C18:2 - Lipid number), naturally rich in Vitamin E (Y Tocopherol), which has sun protective factors & Beta Sitosterol a plant sterol found in nuts & seeds, which has anti-inflammatory activity. It has an anti-biofilm which prevents the build-up of microscopic pathogens on the skin.
  • Camellia Seed Oil – This beautiful oil is a fabulous addition because it is high in natural Oleic Acid, around 80% and around 9% of Linoleic Acid. Used for centuries in Japan and native to Japan, it has always been used to nourish the skin, hair and is great for nails. Rich in Vitamins A, B & E, providing antioxidant & anti-microbial effects.
  • Cacay Seed Oil - Rich in Vitamin A (Retinol anti-ageing vitamin), E, F and properties - improves skin elasticity, firmness & smoothness, regulates sebum, anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing. perfect in facial oils, serums & oils great for troubled skin. The list just keeps going on & the benefits – superb!
  • Saffron Oil – Wow! Where do you start with this ancient gem? Saffron, known as Kesar & has multiple functions in skincare, health & well-being. It has many health benefits, which you can read about on:https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/327017#benefits Skincare benefits are many, including; antioxidant Vitamin C, protective against UV damage & environmental pollutants. Skin brightening without harming the skin, heals cuts, wounds & minors scrapes, reduces hyperpigmentation, calms inflammation, anti-ageing & anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Buriti Fruit Oil – a slow-growing tree from South America, this oil is rich in Beta Carotene, a powerful antioxidant reducing the potential for inflammation & distressed skin. Great in anti-ageing formulas, protective for dry & sensitive skin. The key chemistry is Carotenoids which have been studied numerous times over the years and found to regenerate collagen & elastin fibres damaged by UV radiation. Stimulates epidermal regeneration, decreasing hyperpigmentation, control acne & smooth out deep wrinkles. Hence why we have used this is our precious oils. You can’t go wrong with Buriti Fruit Oil.
  • Seabuckthorn Seed Oil – Who knew that little orange berries could have so much potential? Seabuckthorn is yet another example of nature’s treasure trove. Containing an abundance of Linoleic, Linolenic, and Oleic Acids, plus more, all play a role in maintaining our skin’s barrier function & integrity. Has antioxidant, regenerative, skin strengthening & protective effects, which is a must in precious oils.

Now that you have some understanding of our precious oils, you might be interested in dropping by Salamanca and trying it out for yourself. You have nothing to lose & everything to gain.

If you have any questions or enjoy reading our journals, drop us a line. Alternatively, if you have a topic you’d like us to cover, let us know.

Here’s to ageing gracefully & having beautiful, soft, supple skin. Mother Earth is inspiring and awesome, she amazes me every day with her miracles in nature.

Many BlessingsMaryka xx

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