New Release Deodorants

New Scents and New Size

We are excited to announce that we are releasing 4 NEW and delightfully sophisticated scents to our Aluminium Free Deodorant Collection as of 27/07/2023.

We are delighted to be able to expand our line of Aluminium Free Deodorants, that have been a fan favourite for years, with some new, beautiful and unique scents;

Oceania; Coastal seaside scent, reminiscent of a fresh sea breeze,

Floral Bouquet; Fresh contemporary array of fragrant flowers,

Desert Storm; Dry and woodsy, and,

Australiana; Zesty myrtles from the Hinterland.

Furthermore, to help alleviate the necessity of a price rise, each deodorant will now be reduced to 50mL instead of 80mL. It’s only a little less, but saves us from needing to increase the price for this product.

We appreciate your understanding for this necessary change and hope that you love the new symphony of scents as much as we do and as much as we loved designing them.

Smell divine and stay fresh with our Aluminium Free Deodorants. New Scents Released tomorrow!

- The Malano Family