Origin Story

Malano are a contemporary and innovative boutique style, small batch health and beauty manufacturing business, owned and operated by Masey and Maryka Malano.

Malano design and create a vast array of products combining the power of nature with mysticism. This is achieved through using the latest scientific techniques to formulate and create beautiful products that are combined with mystical & meditative practices, incorporating the old style of tribal & bush remedies, resulting in products that not only enhance your lifestyle but also address modern issues.


Our Journey to this Point

Malano came into being after years of buying candles and being unsatisfied with how they burned, their lack of scent throw and the black soot from the wick. Masey and Maryka kick-started their journey, Christmas 2015 when they decided to start making their own. Over two and a half years passed with many trials, challenges, failures, setbacks, and time spent reformulating and refining their product, but eventually the candles were perfected. With Masey running an extremely successful hair salon for over eighteen years, operating for the past ten years from their property, it was decided that their beautiful boutique salon was the perfect location to begin selling their candles.

However, misfortune struck late 2016 when Maryka was required to have major back surgery. After months of rehab and feeling toxic from the medication, she began reflecting on how there are so many products laden with chemicals and toxins which affect the body. This is how Malano Australia came to develop their own non-toxic bath and beauty products.

Showing resilience in the face of adversity, Maryka conceived some beautiful formulas for Aroma Reed Diffusers, Skincare and Body Products during her recovery from surgery and the process of formulation begun. Masey and Maryka created their new range of products and began testing with willing human participants, the feedback was awe-inspiring. As a result, Malano Australia officially launched, July 2019.

A major breakthrough came after spending months designing and developing an Organic Hand Sanitiser made with approximately 95% aloe, very little alcohol and 0% Triclosan, a substance used in many Australian Sanitisers, which has been banned by the FDA in the US and Japan, because of its cancer-causing nature. A client of Masey’s bought some of the Organic Hand Sanitisers in 2018 and had it tested at the Menzies Laboratory in Hobart. The product was found to have no microbes in the mix, which was a significant development for Malano Australia.

Maryka’s deep, abiding passion for creating beautiful scents and skincare products began in her teenage years. Her source of inspiration was her mother, an alchemist, who taught her the proper technique for blending essential oils to build scent complexities, the therapeutic benefits of oils, herbs and their blends, and, how to create quality skincare products. Her mother also instilled in her to value and respect nature together with the land, and, the importance of understanding tribal medicine which has been used for thousands of years. Maryka has continued developing upon her knowledge of cosmetic alchemy, having undertaken Life Science at university, training through an international fragrance company and with a cosmetic chemist based in the USA.

Our Process

Malano conduct extensive research in developing and designing all of their products and are committed to creating products that are non-toxic, anti-pollutant and animal cruelty-free.

Their products are manufactured to be of a very high quality and ethical standards, giving their clients and customers a premium product made from the best that nature has to offer. They ensure that the ingredients chosen in their products are planet friendly and sourced from Tasmanian businesses where possible. All of their products are also manufactured right here in Tasmania.

In addition, Malano believe in the importance of supporting the globe, after all, we are all on this planet together. With this ethos, they continue to support global economic sustainable projects in the forests and tribes such as; the Amazon Jungle, South East Asia, India and Africa.

Malano are deeply passionate about designing and creating scents that give you an amazing and immersive sensory experience, with the belief that scent can brighten even the dullest of days. Their range of products compliment the modern Australian lifestyle, enhancing you, your home and business.

Where We Are Today

Malano have a stall at one of Australia’s most lucrative markets, Salamanca Market, in Hobart, Tasmania where they trade on Saturdays. Come say hello if you're in the area and see what they have to offer. Find Malano at site 84-85 halfway up/down the hill. 

You can also find a list of stockists located in the Hobart and Greater Hobart Areas - click on Explore in the Menu. 


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