Rare Australian Beauty

Australian Rosewood (Dysoxylum Fraserianum) is a relatively new essential oil. Grown in New South Wales and Queensland rainforest regions, this Australian beauty is just another example of the stunning raw ingredients that we use in our products. For those concerned with eco-consciousness, this is perfect for satisfying your desire to use oils that are sustainably sourced, but there is very little data about it's indigenous heritage. The early settlers, however, used rosewood to make furniture.

We use rosewood in some of our blended creations and it will continue in our upcoming new Perfume with Purpose, surprise, surprise. More details will be coming out soon, so stay tuned for that.

The oil is distilled from branchlets and leaves, ending in a beautiful, blue oil, with a sweet but woody aroma, slightly floral and earthy. It makes a wonderful fixative for the would-be oil blenders out there. Other names are Rosewood and Rose Mahogany.

The benefits are many; apparently, it is inspiring for the musicians, great for meditation and assists with relieving anxiety and stress, bringing about calmness and great for use in perfume, cosmetics and ultrasonic diffusers. This is one heck of an all-rounder that is a must-have.

Rosewood blends very well with Sandalwood, Lemon Myrtle and Rose. If you are looking to try something different it is in our Wisdom Perfume with Purpose. We used to use an overseas Rosewood but switched to the Australian one since it has become available. We love it, and you will too.

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Until next time.

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