One of Tasmania's most beautiful flowers, also, one of the most expensive ingredients on the market. Boronia, botanical name, Boronia Megastigma, it is a gloriously fragrant and intensely rich Absolute. We use Boronia in some of our exquisite perfume, body wash, perfume with purpose, block soap, conditioner and our yet to be released interior sprays. It has a fresh flowery, blackcurrant type of scent.

A little goes a long, long way and it is sourced by the French to use be used in high-end, luxury fragrances. If it were compared to royalty it would be called the "Queen of flowers" in the same way that roses are given such a grand title.

Boronia is also used in skincare and has active constituents beneficial for capillary strengthening, anti-inflammatory action, antioxidant activity, assisting with anti-glycation, reduces membrane peroxidation and DNA damage. Helps reduce fine lines, and dark circles around the eyes, reduces sun spots and increases the skin's elasticity.

As far as we are concerned, Boronia is one of our heroes with so many benefits that we have included using it in multiple products as mentioned above.

If you ever wish to learn more, we include functionals in our individual product descriptions.

Until next time.

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