Divine Carnation

Divine Carnation. True to one if it’s colloquial names, the carnation flower is also known as Divine Flower, Gilliflower, Clove Gilly Flower or Clove Pink. When you smell the amazing aroma of the Carnation, it is captivating, reminiscent of a clove bud with a sweet, spicy, honey like undertone, with a touch of mint and herbs. It is a another amazing beauty form Mother Nature.

Historically, Carnation flowers were associated with love & weddings. Today, we use carnation in high class perfumery because it can modify a perfume into a warm, spicy and floral. Used extensively in men’s perfumes and some of the spicier women’s scents. We use Carnation in our Floral Bouquet Deodorant, our upcoming Peony Interior Spray and new Cigar Fleur Parfum. We also have it available as an Absolute oil in our Essential Oils category (Absolutes). If you haven’t read our piece “Struggling to Relax or Sleep” you may want to check that out. Carnation is known for it’s calming properties and helps promote a restful night’s sleep.

Carnation is also used in aromatherapy for it’s anti-depressant effects, helps to stabilise and balance mood and even has euphoric effects. This oil is an absolute keeper and one that is not commonly promoted for aromatherapy.

For those who love to use oil on their skin, you can add a couple of drops of Carnation because it has anti-inflammatory properties, refreshes, moisturises and regenerates the skin. If you like to dabble and make your own roll-on perfumes, you can add Carnation as a strong middle (heart) note, it will add a certain “je ne sais quoi” to your scent.  

So, if you are looking for something special to add to your oils kit, you can’t go past Carnation Absolute. 

Until next time, when we bring another amazing ingredient from Mother Nature to you.

Many Blessings.

The Malano Family xx

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