Extraordinary Cajeput

Nature just keeps on giving!

Today, we are going to focus on another miracle from Mother Earth. Melaleuca leucadendron cajuput Leaf Oil (Cajeput Oil), common botanical name, Melaleuca cajeputi. Not to be confused with Tea Tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia), it is renowned for its numerous beneficial qualities, such as antiseptic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties. Cajeput is a very versatile oil and a must in your oil kit, commonly used for various health and wellness purposes.

Cajeput is described as a ‘middle’ (heart note), distilled from leaves and twigs. It is medium in odor strength and has a medicinal type aroma, fresh, slightly fruity and camphorous. No known sensitivities and no known toxicity, however, avoid if pregnant, especially if it has higher doses.

Cajeput is used commonly to help with respiratory problems, including coughs, colds and congestion due to its expectorant effects. It is used in some formulas for pain with muscles, joints and headaches.

Additionally, Cajeput can be used as a more nature-based antiseptic, making it an excellent choice for wounds, preventing infection. It has an uplifting aroma and can impact your mood positively and aids in enhancing mental clarity, when inhaled or diffused.

So, you may be thinking, what are the chemical constituents that make this is wondrous oil? A great question. It has approximately 61% 1-8 cineole (commonly known as eucalyptol), which is in a lot of other antimicrobial plants including eucalyptus, it has around 12% α-terpineol, 4% α-pinene, β-myrcene, plus others.

The chemical compositions do vary depending on the Melaleuca species and we do have batch variations, because nature is like that, it is not always the same. Some research has been done on the leucadendra and it has come back as only having 28%. This does vary, so always understand that batch variations do occur, and constituent percentages do vary.

We use Cajeput oil in some of our products, including:

  • Ultra-Soothe Cream
  • Congestion Essential Oil Blend
  • Congestion Salve

Cajeput oil, wow, you just can’t go past it in your medicine kit. Always dilute essential oils and remember that this is not advice to treat, cure or diagnose. If you ever have any doubts or need advice, check with your healthcare practitioner. Always treat essential oils like medicine and read the cautions. Never ingest and never use neat on the skin unless you are guided by your treating practitioner.

Until next time, many blessings and best wishes.

The Malano Family xx


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