Kalahari Oil

Our Wild Watermelon Seed is harvested in southern Botswana, in South Africa. Our supplier has a purpose that is alignment with our business brand and ethics. Their purpose is to have a positive impact on humans by being responsible and committed to sustainability. The Kalahari seeds are harvested and around 96% of the biomass is returned to the soil so there is minimal wastage. Through this practice, there is social sustainability, ecological sustainability and economical sustainability.

The Kalahari Melon is indigenous to that region and the community has been devastated by drought for the past 80 years. We feel that we have a responsibility to support communities around the world that have suffered economic loss and climate change impact. We cannot only support our own backyard, but we also live on this planet together and who knows what will happen in the future, maybe we will need support from other countries.

The seed reigns supreme with its nutrient-dense profile and drought-resistant biology. In comparison, Kalahari oil has 70% Essential Fatty Acids Profile and 2,800mg/k of Natural Vitamin E. This equates to 2x the EFAs' than Argan Oil and 5x the Vitamin E than Argan Oil. Argan oil is amazing in itself; however, not a sustainable product because it takes 15+ years to grow, and harvesting is harsher. Kalahari is grown yearly, and a huge amount of biomass is returned to the Earth.

Kalahari Oil has been used since Ancient Egyptian times to maintain healthy skin. It has a very light texture and is a good emollient for cosmetic products.

We use Kalahari Oil in Beard Oil, Perfume with Purpose and some of the skincare. It is easy to see why we love Kalahari Oil.

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