One of nature's many wondrous oils with powerful therapeutic constituents. There have been many scientific studies done on the antimicrobial benefits of Manuka.

The botanical name Leptospermum scoparium, Manuka, is one of our little gems. We use it in our Repair Salve. Used by indigenous populations in New Zealand and Australia for centuries. Clinical evidence will need to be further investigated for efficacy, standardisation and characterisation to ensure consistency in future. See the attached link -

Manuka is sweet, herbaceous and contains a-Pinene & B-Triketone compounds, creating massive potential in multiple areas, including skin care, medicine, oral health, nutrition, hair care and personal care. We love Manuka, which is just another beauty in mother nature.

According to the above Article, Manuka has been found to have many healing properties, including antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antihistaminic & anti-viral. Once again, as with all ingredients from nature, there are some questions about efficacy due to batch variations and consistent batches containing effective constituents.

We always obtain the Certificates of Analysis (COAs) with our batches to ensure that the oils do their job. We never skimp on quality and always get the best nature offers.

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