Opopanax oil Commiphora erythraea glabrescens. What is Opopanax? You may be wondering, surprisingly, a lot of people have not heard of opopanax. It is a steam distilled resin from a tree in the thick forest areas in Ethiopia. Opopanax shares many of the same properties as Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha) because it is closely related. Makes a fabulous foundation/ base note in perfumes, used in some cases as a middle note. Opopanax is lighter and sweeter than Myrrh, but still packs a punch in formulations.

Oppopanax has been cherished for centuries along with Frankincense and Myrrh. Used for skin restoration and nourishment. Also, used in natural medicine for pain and inflammation, insect bites and rashes.

Opopanax has a rich, woody, balsamy, earthy and sweet aroma and adds a depth to fine fragrance.

It is also classified as one of the “sacred scents” Used in many Middle Eastern fragrances and incense. Opopanax is very beneficial for spiritual practices including meditation, purification and worship ceremonies, it is also used to relieve anxious and depressive moods.

Why do we love Opopanax? It is versatile, rich, warming and adds an exquisite opulence to our perfumes and ‘Desert Storm’ deodorant. We also use in in some of our Ritual Kits, including the Cleansing and Protection kits. We will be releasing it as an isolated essential oil very soon, so look out for that. You will find this to be a must have in your oil kit.

Until next time, life is for living and giving. We are truly grateful to Mother Earth for gifting us with her beautiful offerings. We can create products to share with others, highlighting many of the amazing beauties that Mother has so generously provided.

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