Osmanthus, botanical name Osmanthus fragrans Lour. Another beautiful flower, our organic absolute, is another stunning oil to add to your collection. We use Osmanthus Absolute in our perfume, which has extensive uses in skin care, aromatherapy and for those that love a beautiful scent to add to their collection.

Osmanthus is floral and feminine when used in perfumes; it gives a stunning floral aroma. It is rich and fruity, with an almost peach note. Osmanthus is grown in Asia and used extensively in Traditional Chinese Medicine because it detoxifies antibacterial and antirheumatic constituents. It is called a flowering herb tea, thus used as a tisane. Skincare uses include moisturisers and creams to add nourishment and soften the skin.

Aromatherapists use Osmanthus to increase feelings of joy and contentment, encourage feelings of comfort and extensively use in spiritual practices such as meditation and breath work, reducing stress, tension and depression of the spirit.

Osmanthus is one to have in your essential oil/absolutes kit because it has broad properties and benefits; you can use it for cleansing your home to relieve negative vibrations and uplift the environment. It works well in ceremonial rituals.

We are in love with so many absolutes and essential oils. Nature continues to amaze us with its sheer brilliance and a vast array of amazing beauties if you want to blend Osmanthus with other oils, including rose, blood orange, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, vanilla and rosemary.

Why not try it, dare to be different, try something you may not have tried before and let us know what you think. Tell us your story if you come up with a beautiful blend and have had some benefits from using this oil.

Until next time.

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