Perfect Peppermint

“Why is peppermint so special? Peppermint is so common, it is in food, you can drink tea, so why make it a feature?” you may be wondering. We are happy that you asked.

We use Peppermint specially grown here in Tasmania, the species is Mentha x piperita Black Mitcham, the first batch of essential oil produced in the late 1970’s in Tasmania using the Black Mitcham cultivar. Black Mitcham is complex and rich in scent and flavour, our peppermint is used in multiple foods produced in Tasmania as well.

It has been suggested that Black Mitcham is similar to the highly prized Willamette oil from the US.

Peppermint is used for aromatherapy, nutrition, alternative medicine, food, oral care and perfume.


What are the benefits from using peppermint? Peppermint contains an amazing chemical profile, containing active constituents such as:

  • Menthol, which can be a skin & eye irritant in high dosages, however, it is a great decongestant, calms sore throats and assists with pain.
  • Menthone once again, irritating with the skin and eyes, however, it is anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-biofilm.
  • 1,8 – cineole, which is flammable, but exerts antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activities.
  • Germacrene D – Naturally occurring can cause acute toxicity in high volumes. Peppermint contains a very low reading, however, it is beneficial because it has antimicrobial and antibacterial functions. There is quite a bot of research being done into germacrene D with anti-tick, anti-aphid and anti-mosquito capabilities. Germacrenes are in a class of volatile organic hydrocarbons know as sesquiterpenes.

They are just a few of the key constituents and there are more in quite small amounts, but as you can see, peppermint holds it’s position well and is a very popular oil.

We use Peppermint in our Deep Cleanse Shampoo bars, Conditioner, Perfume with Purpose (Secure & Flexible) some perfume in very, very low amounts, our Ultra-Soothe Cream, Essential Oil Pure single, Essential Oil Blends (Congestion, Energiser, Christmas, Tasmanian Native & Meditation) and our Tasmanian Coffee and Peppermint Soap.

If you are interested in adding a fabulous oil with loads of versatility into your oil kit, why not try our superb Tasmanian Pure Peppermint Essential Oil.

Until next time, when we bring you one of Mother Earth’s amazing ingredients, stay well and peace be with you. 

Many blessings.

The Malano Family xxx

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