Exquisite Saffron

What is so special about Saffron?

Well, where do we start? It is known as one of the most expensive spices in the world.

Saffron has amazing properties that your skin will love. It soothes skin and is renowned for its anti-inflammatory effects.

Saffron contains crocetin and crocin, which are pigments that are known for their anti-free radical properties. Quercetin is an antioxidant and reduces melanin.

We use saffron in our beard oils for men, precious oils, serum, secure perfume with purpose, dry hand cream, illumination seaweed serum, energessence seaweed hand cream and much more.

If you are looking to enhance your skincare routine, we suggest that you try our precious oils of a night. Precious Oils contains Saffron oil synergistically blended with other amazing oils that work against UV radiation, reduce inflammation, soothes distressed skin, even the complexion & reduces acne/blemishes.

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