Sandalwood has always been a versatile and amazing ingredient. It has many uses; in mystical ceremonies and rituals, skincare, perfume and body products. Renowned for its uses in Indian Attars and body oils. Attars are made with Sandalwood Nut oil, one method by enfleurage, whereby the beautiful flower petals, herbs and spices are left for months on end so that the essence is extracted delicately, and the result is a stunning scent from mother nature.

We use sandalwood that is grown in Western Australia. The company we deal with is involved in the Forest Stewards Certified (FSC) and has been involved in sustainable and ethical, globally certified with COSMOS and International ISO standards. They received a Gold Badge in 2022 from Ecovadis Sustainability Rating and have their certification from PEFC ( Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). So, you can be assured that we only use the best ingredients that we can source while caring for the environment.

We use both Australian and Indian Sandalwood. The Indian species is Santalum Album and is grown in WA along with the Australian one Santalum Spicatum.

Sandalwood has become a hero within the skincare arena as well, notably for its skin-restorative, age-defying constituents. One of the main constituents is sesquiterpene alcohol - alpha-santalol; however, Santalum Album has 125 structural compounds and is termed “Liquid Gold”. We love Sandalwood and use it in a vast array of our products. Our supplier ensures compliance with British Pharmacopoeia standards.

Sandalwood has a warmth about it; the scent is woody and creamy in a way, very balanced. It makes a fabulous fixative in perfume and is used in over 50% of fragrances around the world. Sandalwood has some benefits emotionally as well; used in meditation, it can enhance mood, assist with feeling grounded and quieten the mind, bringing a sense of calm and tranquillity.

If you want a hero in your essential oil collection, sandalwood is a must.

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