Tenacious Tobacco

You might be thinking to yourself, “Why are they talking about tobacco when the health industry and government demonise it?”

The answer is simple: Tobacco is another sensational ingredient Mother Earth provides. It has a long and rich history with the Native American Indians, used in sacred rituals and ceremonies, used for its medicinal qualities and skin problems. Tobacco has come under fire because of its use in cigarettes. Botanical names Nicotiana tabacum and Nicotiana rustica are native plants in America evolving from the Andes around Peru /Ecuador.

Tobacco contains an alkaloid which is called ‘nicotine’ that alkaloid does have some health benefits in small doses, like we always say at Malano, “its all about the dose.”

Alkaloids are compounds found in nature that contain therapeutic properties or ‘active properties.’  There is another benefit, especially for us, scent. The thing that you need to remember is that Tobacco leaves contain around 1-5 % nicotine, but other vegetables contain nicotine, such as eggplant, cauliflower and potatoes, but the highest content is in tobacco. We aren’t here to debate Tobacco and its nicotine content because, in perfumery, we can obtain nicotine-free absolute.

You may not love the idea of tobacco, but when used in perfume, it adds a layer of uniqueness to our blends. We use Tobacco leaves and flowers. Tobacco flower is used much less than the leaf; however, the flower offers a rare twist. Our most popular perfumes, which contain Tobacco, are our biggest sellers. It speaks for itself.

Perfumes that we use Tobacco in are L’Mase and L’Ascend. Next year, we will release 50ml bottles of the Cigar Collection; Tobacco is in a few of them, particularly Cigar Rum and Cigar Vert. In our Cigar Fleur, which is a floral complex with Tobacco flowers. We use Tobacco as a foundational base note, but in one of the new Cigar scents, called Whisky, we will use a lighter version, which will act as the headlining top note. If you are looking to try something new and make an audacious impression, we have something for you.

Hopefully, you have a new understanding of Tobacco. We aren’t here to bust your beliefs about it; however, we do like to expand everyone’s attitudes and beliefs. No doubt, using Tobacco can be seen as controversial, but due to it being so popular and our biggest seller, maybe people like a bit of controversy in their lives, giving a sense of adventure and a bit of rebelliousness.

Until our next ingredient feature, remember, we learn nothing by living in comfort, and we grow the most by expanding our beliefs and attitudes.


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