Are all Shampoo Blocks the same?

Are all shampoo blocks the same?

Absolutely not. You may be starting to see a lot of shampoo blocks on the market because there is a huge movement to reduce packaging and waste. We were very blessed to have Masey’s 27 years of hairdressing experience when it came to formulating, trialling and testing our formulas.

When we started writing out a formula, it became apparent that there are so many ingredients that strip colour, dry hair or leave a waxy film over the hair. Maryka spent many hours in discussions with Masey trying to gain an understanding of the various hair types, hair and scalp complaints and one issue that seemed to be affecting many people was hair loss.

The majority of liquid shampoos and commercial ones contain synthetic silicones and cationic polymers, called Polyquats, (some are better than others), that tend to leave a film on the hair over time. So, deep cleansing had to be part of the equation. After months of formulation and finalising 3 types, Masey began trials in her hair salon.

We made 3 major types;

  1. Dark Hair Native Bush scent – this contains a blend of Amazonian miracle butters that nourish and add vitamins and essential fatty acids to hair, to maintain hair health. Kunzea, has been scientifically researched for it's hair-thickening properties. Tasmanian Native Pepper, delivers high antioxidant activity and anti-microbial because it contains many beneficial compound actives. This is great for coloured hair, because it does not strip colour.
  2. Light Hair Rum scent – this contains a blend of Amazonian beauties and suits light hair and is great for bleached and lightened hair. In the Caribbean, rum is used neat on hair as a hair lightener; apparently, ladies dip their hair in rum and go into the sun, and within minutes their hair has a bleached effect similar to highlights. Rum was once used as a hair tonic to assist with hair growth and dandruff prevention.
  3. Deep Cleanse Peppermint scent – this contains amazing Amazonian exotic butter and a high volume of Tasmanian Peppermint Oil. Peppermint helps with dryness, scalp concerns and itching. It clarifies and cleans without stripping your natural oils. Balances sebum production and leaves hair hydrated without the weightiness of some high molecular weight synthetic compounds.

Masey trialled the 3 bars in the salon over many months and client cycles. The results were amazing. Masey became a shampoo block convert. A lot of her clients still use the blocks and have commented on how much better their hair is in-between salon visits, hair growth has dramatically increased, and scalp conditions have resolved themselves and all without stripping colour.

Now you can understand why we say that not all shampoo blocks are identical. If you ever have any questions, contact us via the contact page on our website, or if you are in Hobart on Saturdays, come and see us at Salamanca Market, site 84, 8 am – 3 pm every week.

Many blessings & happy shampooing xx

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