The Beat Goes On …

Do you remember the song, "The beat goes on?" It's what comes to mind when I think about our L'Scents range of Parfum. People often ask, "why is it called parfum, shouldn't it be perfume?" The answer to that question is an interesting one.

Many years ago, I did undertake further training with an International fragrance Company. Perfume is how we understand scent and fragrance. Parfum is the highest concentration of oil in an ethanol blend. You can read about it on Google of course, but there are many varying opinions about ratios of what I call the "Mother Scent" this is the pure concentrated blend of oils. This may sound outrageous, however, I use anywhere between 20-40 oils when I make a concentrated Mother Scent Blend. The oils vary from essential, absolute, natural aroma chemicals and some synthetic, which is necessary for the prevention of animal cruelty.

We use a synthetic musk purely because we do not want to use the musk from deer or civet cats, which harms or kills. So, there is a level of social and ecological responsibility that we abide by when making our parfums.

When we make parfum we use the highest ratio and Eau de Parfum is below that, then Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne, Eau Fraiche and Splashes in that descending order. You will find that there are some differences of opinion because ratios do vary between artisans and makers. I don't want to get into the nitty gritty of it, but people have argued with us about the ratios. In some cases, it is a matter of opinion and comes back to some of the ingredients. Every artisan or chemist makes their own blend and spends a lot of time tweaking and ageing the perfume.

We use an old technique of slow, ageing, which is derived from the ancient Egyptian ways, just without the animal fat. We release perfume over months and years not weeks. Neither way is the only way, we just choose to have a lengthy curing time without loading chemicals to speed up the process.

Since the first article, we have released more scents and it has been an interesting process because the formulas that were created have been in the notebook for years. Now, they are coming to life.

If you have read the previous article, "Why L'Scents?" you will understand that all of our perfumes have a story or a reason for being.

After L'Ascend was created, we had to go back to the old notebook and look at some of the old formulas that had been written by me over 15 years ago. Masey and I looked over the formula and decided that L'Eclipse would be the next scent released.

So what is L'Eclipse about? Everyone knows what an eclipse is, so we have managed to create an eclipse in a bottle. Eclipse is when a celestial body, such as the moon obscures the light of another celestial body, being the sun. It is described as falling into decline. Perfume has a similar effect, ingredients take over and obscure another ingredient, such as there is patchouli in the base and when you first spray the scent, you have a spritz of bergamot and lemon, but after a while it is obscured by the patchouli. It has always been there but it takes a little while for it to reveal itself. This is the wonderful thing about scent. When we ask people to try one of our perfumes, different noses pick up on the various ingredients.

L'Eclipse is quite feminine, it is best described as a slightly sweet floral, mystical and grounding scent. If you are feeling like you need some lush in your life, this is the one for you. L'Eclipse contains heliotrope, white musk, myrrh and amber. A truly enchanting scent.

So, next time you are thinking about buying a perfume, think about what it means to you, the memories that are triggered by scent, and what is the story behind the perfume you want to buy? If you like a good story and have not read about our L'Scents, check out the article.

If you are keen to share your story, drop us a line at or make some comments on our parfum socials. We do love to hear from you and we love to engage. You can come and talk to us at Salamanca Market every Saturday, contingent on the weather, but do check out our socials for updated information.

There is more to come on the L'Scents journey, so why not come along with us and share ours. Who knows, maybe we can make a scent for you one day.

May the universe bless you and may you have all the love, power and peace.

Many blessings

Maryka xx 

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